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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I love the way my home is decorated and I think it looks very attractive. Why
do I need a home stager now that I want to sell my home?

    Answer: Your house is your home and it is understandable that you love the way it
    looks. That is what makes a house a home. However, in order to appeal to a wide
    variety of buyers you need to make it more neutral and less personal. Home stagers
    are experts in this area and know just the steps to take. We use what you already
    have and work with it to make your home even more appealing to potential buyers.
    What you like and are comfortable with, might not be appealing to a buyer. Also,
    people tend to become used to the way their home looks, not realizing that perhaps
    it has become outdated. Neutralizing and updating your home is the key to success
    in home staging.

Question:  My house has been on the market for too long and I am thinking of reducing
the price. Would hiring a home stager be more cost effective?

    Answer: Yes! Before you consider a price reduction, consider home staging instead.
    It will save you thousands! Recent surveys show that not only do staged homes sell
    faster, but often for more money.

Question: What is involved in the consultation?

    Answer: The initial consultation ($250) will be the first thing we do when we come
    to your home to photograph, evaluate each room, and design a plan. You will
    receive a report a few days later with several options for pricing so that you can
    choose what will fit in your budget.

Question: After the initial consultation, do I have a choice to do the work myself?

    Answer: Yes. After the consultation you will receive a report that tells room by
    room what needs to be done. If you choose to do the work yourself, you will have
    the plan in your hand.

Question: Doesn't an empty home sell better because the rooms look bigger?

    Answer: No, empty does not sell. Here's why: empty rooms actually look smaller
    until you put just a few pieces of furniture in them. Buyers have a hard time
    visualizing where to put furniture. Once there are a few furnishings in the room, not
    only does it look bigger, but more appealing.

Question: I'm not currently selling my home, but am tired of the way it looks. Do you do
home make overs?

    Answer: Yes, Room Make overs are another entity of our business. We love to take
    a home and give it an updated "refreshed" look. This is called redesign. Room Make
    overs start at a price of $250 per room and up depending on how much you want or

Question: I'm getting ready to sell my home and I know it needs some remodeling before I
can sell it. Can you suggest someone that can do this?

    Answer: Yes, since Gillespie Home Staging is a subsidiary of Gillespie Custom
    Homes, we can take care of your remodel needs as well as stage it to prepare it for
    sale. We can give you a bid on any remodel that needs to be done and help you
    choose paint colors, flooring, cabinetry or whatever your home needs for your

Question: Do I need to stage my whole house when I am getting ready to sell or just the
main rooms?

    Answer: We always recommend full staging. The question to ask yourself is: Are
    you selling your whole house or only a part of it? Partially staged homes interrupt
    the buyers visualization when they go from one furnished room to an empty or
    cluttered room and so on. The fact is, fully staged homes just sell better!
I am having so much fun with
the new living room and
bedroom arrangements that
Susan did for us when she did
our two-room make overs. She
took the furniture that I already
hand and just placed it around
the rooms in a completely
different way. It looks great -
like a whole new room. My
family all loved it and were
thrilled when I told them that
we can keep it this way! I will
definitely be giving Susan a call
if we ever move, so that she can
work her wonders in that house
as well, or even if I want to
have it rearranged again for a
brand new look!

- Crystal