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You never have a second chance to make a first impression!

      Staging to Sell

Les Bailey - Les Bailey & Associates Real Estate Team (Keller Williams Realty)
    As a Realtor for almost 20 years I, like most Realtors in the Alaskan marketplace
    have not taken advantage of the Staging of my listings. Until now, staging a home
    has not been an option, as there were no companies who were trained or offered
    staging services to our sellers. I did however recognize the difference between a
    well maintained and decorated home and the typical well lived in home. I also
    could  see and quickly recognize my buyers reactions as they went into a home
    that was "Showroom Ready". The staging phenomenon that has recently
    exploded in the real estate market and is so well portrayed on HGTV is now
    available to Realtors and their sellers here in Alaska. Recently I listed a well lived
    in home that the customer had previously tried to sell herself for 6 months. When
    she could not sell it, she had listed it with another Realtor for another 6 months.
    When the customer called me, I recommended a slight 3K price adjustment and
    that we hire Susan Gillespie (Gillespie Home Staging) to stage the home.

    I was amazed at the job Sue did and it absolutely looked like a different home.
    Bottom line is this home sold in 28 days and the professional staging was a big
    reason it sold. Professional staging of a home will tug on the buyers' emotional
    heartstrings and I strongly recommend Sellers and their Realtors give serious
    consideration to employment of this Professional Home Staging Service!

    Susan staged my vacant house after having it on the marked for over a year
    without any offers. Once the home was staged, it sold in less than 30 days! I wish
    I had known about her services earlier because I know it would have helped a ton
    and I believe it made a huge difference. I told all my co-workers about what a
    great job she did and showed them all the pictures I took. I even brought two of
    my friends out to see the house! Susan really did a nice job. Thank You!

Mikilani - Marketing Keller Williams Realty
    Susan, I thought I would drop you an e-mail and tell you how wonderfully you
    staged the home in Palmer. I have been through many homes that have been
    staged by sellers and by a professional stager and I have to say I was very
    impressed with how good your job looked. I really think this will make the
    difference in the sale of this home! You did a terrific job!

    Staging Redesign

    It was so much fun to watch Susan reorganize and "make over" my home in the
    most tasteful way with all of my own things! My bookshelves in the master
    bedroom never looked so good. It inspired me to arrange other items in among
    the books. She showed off my living room in the most beautiful way that
    emphasized the fireplace. If and when the time comes to sell this house, I would
    definitely have Susan stage my home and maximize the potential for a sale.

    I am having so much fun with the new living room and bedroom arrangements
    that Susan did for us when she did our two-room make overs. She took the
    furniture that I already hand and just placed it around the rooms in a completely
    different way. It looks great - like a whole new room. My family all loved it and
    were thrilled when I told them that we can keep it this way! I will definitely be
    giving Susan a call if we ever move, so that she can work her wonders in that
    house as well, or even if I want to have it rearranged again for a brand new look!

    Susan staged our home and I haven't changed a thing since! She pulled artwork
    from other rooms and moved the furniture making it feel cozier and more
    inviting. She definitely has an eye for color, balance and arranging accessories for
    maximum effect. I would recommend Susan to stage your home for selling or to
    just help you decorate your space for your own enjoyment.